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Let's go back in history a little!

The art and science of dental studies and procedures came into existence quite a long time ago. If you were under the impression that these professionals have been with us only recently, you were wrong. They have been traced back to as early as Roman empires. There is a good possibility that they existed well before that as well. A dentist in modern-day draws all the information and procedures from well-documented theories and processes throughout history.

In the East, dentistry had different historical accounts. According to the reports, the Chinese practiced restorative dentistry using silver amalgam as fillings. Although the Muslims did not practice any such treatment due to the prescription in the Qur'an against mutilating the body, the writings of Avicenna and Abu-al-Qasim show that scaling and cleaning of teeth were practiced. After the demise of the Romans, Dentistry became restricted. Later on, the dentistry in monasteries was banned, but barbers continued their work and called themselves Barber-surgeons. Afterward, Henry VIII's charter introduced them to the world as a dentist.

By the 16th century, a leading surgeon, Pierre Fauchard separated dentistry from the field of surgery. Afterward, dentistry came to colonial America. The most prominent figure in dentistry was John Greenwood, the dentist of George Washington. Subsequently, the first dental journal along with the first dental school and dental society were introduced. Inventions also took place in the field of dentistry including handheld drills.

In the current age, our way to comfortable lives for ordinary humans as well as the dentists themselves and a profitable medium to introduce new inventions to the world is the profession of a dentist.

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